Who is responsible for SEND at Alderwood Primary?

Executive Head: Joanne Gordon
Headteachers: Katie Cutajar and Natasha Tilley 

  • Responsible for the day to day overview of the SEND provision
  • Will delegate responsibility to SENCO
  • Will report to the Governing Body

Inclusion Lead: Janice Lewis

  • Coordinating the specialist services and referrals
  • Reporting to the Executive Head and Heads of School on the progress and achievement of SEND children
  • Updating the SEND register
  • Liaising with parents/carers to ensure the best provision for your child

Class Teacher and LSA

  • Will liaise with SENCO and parents to deliver interventions
  • Will deliver interventions and report to Executive Head, Heads of School and the SENCO over progress and impact

SEND Governor

  • Holds the school to account over the SEND provision