The Alderwood Curriculum reflects our strong belief that all children have an entitlement to a broad and varied curriculum which allows them to achieve their full potential within the context of stimulating and exciting learning experiences.   Our aim is to promote in our children a love of learning which will last a lifetime.

Our curriculum is based on the existing National Curriculum Framework and reflects our key values at Alderwood. Our curriculum complies with the duties of the Equality Act 2010 and the SEN and D Regulations 2014. It maximises cross curricular opportunities and a text led approach to learning to provide all children with a creative and wideranging learning experience.  We follow the systematic synthetic programme 'Little Wandle' to teach phonics and use the closely aligned 'Big Cat' series in order for children to apply their phonic knowledge and be able to access high quality texts and read for pleasure later on.


The Alderwood Curriculum enables all children to become:

  • Enthusiastic and successful learners who make effective progress and achieve their full potential
  • Confident individuals who know how to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives
  • Responsible citizens who are able to make a positive contribution to society
  • Individuals who understand the value of learning and who continue that process throughout their lives


The Alderwood Curriculum is developed around our key school values which:

  • Promote personal development
  • Support equality of opportunity
  • Develop spiritual, moral, social, intellectual and physical growth
  • Celebrate the contributions of a diverse range of people, cultures and heritages
  • Develop an understanding of our relationship with the environment


The curriculum at Alderwood will:

  • Promote high standards, particularly in English, maths and Computing
  • Provide a broad and varied learning experience in every Key Stage
  • Promote a positive engagement with, and commitment to, learning
  • Enable children to develop effective skills of co-operation and collaboration
  • Develop an understanding of the relevance of learning to each individual’s life and prepare them for life as a member of the wider community
  • Prepare children for the next stage in their education
  • Create a sense of wellbeing centred around a sense of fulfilment and achievement
  • Develop a wide range of skills and broaden children’s life experiences.

Curriculum Map

The curriculum map shows the learning units undertaken each term from Early Years (FS1) through to Year 6.  Cross curricular links are made wherever possible under a broad theme or based around a key text, to ensure that each term the learning is creative, exciting and has a clear context.  The units are specifically designed to ensure there is a clear progression in knowledge, content and skills learning across the school, based on the existing new National Curriculum.


We are extremely pleased to be offering French as our foreign language to pupils here at Alderwood. All children from Years 3 to 6 receive weekly language lessons. The focus for the younger children is on oral skills, where as the older children are beginning to write in French and learn about the culture.


We are very pleased to welcome Mr Gregory to our team, who will teaching music across the school from Years 1 to 6.  Music is a fantastic way for pupils to express themselves and grow in confidence.  We are really looking forward to seeing and listening to what our children produce as the year progresses.

Religious Education

We follow the syllabus written by Royal Greenwich called 'Windows on Faith'.  The syllabus can be found below. 

Whole School Projects  

Whole school projects at Alderwood provide a further inspirational context for learning and opportunities to show progression in learning across the school.  These are planned yearly and for These are planned yearly and for 2014 – 2015 include projects based on a painting, an international theme and maths.  Each year group will develop a scheme of work to develop the learning for each project in the way most relevant and stimulating for their children.

Academic Year 2015 - 2016

We have immersed our children in several whole school projects so far this year and have an exciting learning opportuntiy planned for the Summer term.  The whole school started this academic year looking at the Greek myth 'Daedalus and Icarus'.  Teachers stimulated discussion and debate through looking at particular pieces of artwork or only reading a certain line from the text.  This learning culminated in the displays in our main corridor.  Key Stage Two children ended the Autumn term by visiting the Unicorn Theatre to watch a production of 'Baddies'.  This was to enrich the learning around whether storybook villains are all bad.  The children were entralled, not only by the production, but also thinking about and debating such an interesting question.

We began the Spring term by looking at Hamlet in all classes from Fs 1 to Year 6.  Teachers skillfully planned how they would adapt the learning to suit the needs of their class and how to make such a complex play accessible to all.  This learning is currently on display on our hall and the progression across the school is evident.

Finally, we intend to spend some time during the Summer term focussing on 'Dinosaurs'.  All year groups have a led session booked at the Natural History Museum and then some time to further explore this great place.  We have an art group booked for this term to generate some installation art with our children for a communal area in our school.  

Our children will again experience the Unicorn Theatre this term, with Key Stage One children watching a production of 'Septimus Beam and His Flying Machine'.  

What a great year of learning!

Academic Year 2016 - 2017

September has started brilliantly with a whole school topic based on The Tower of London.  This iconic London landmark is the setting for many stories and will inspire children to create vibrant and interesting pieces of writing.  They will also create artwork based on our historical monarchs and develop music which could accompany key events.  Each child will also visit the Tower to get a real feel for what it must have been like to walk in the steps of royalty ... or prisoners! 

We have started this term by looking at the famous painting by Verrocchio entitled 'Tobias and the Angel' which hangs in the National Gallery in London.  All classes will have the oppotunity to see this painting on display in the gallery and explore the story which accompanies it.  

We finished the year with each class taking a key, core text and teaching in a very cross-curricuar approach.  This enabled children to learn within a rich context and produce high quality outcomes.

Academic Year 2017 - 2018

This year has started with a bang!  We are paying close attention to immersing our children in their learning which results in a rich and vibrant context across the school.  Each pair of classes are delivering their History learning through a text led approach.  The variety has been astounding, from 'Pandora's Box' to 'Nothing' by Mick Inkpen.  What a breadth of learning! 

We chose the amazing text 'The Mysteries of Harris Burdick' for our Spring term project.  Each class chose a different illustration and have produced some amazing learning for our hall.  Come along and read the spooky and sometimes sinister stories written by our children!  

We have really got creative with our Summer term project!  We have linked up with the Architecture in Schools project to appreciate and create some amazing buildings.  Palm and Oak Classes have worked alongside two talented architects to fulfill the brief of a 'Shared Space'.  We can't wait to see the final outcomes!

We are delighted to inform you that Oak Class won the Architecture in Schools competition and their amazing ideas were transformed into reality by professional model makers. 

Academic Year 2018 - 2019

We are delighted to have started this year with the text trilogy by Aaron Becker; Journey, Quest and Return.  These beautiful stories took the the children on a magical journey and allowed their imaginations to run free!  As always, the outcomes from the carefully planned learning journey have been displayed in one of our communal areas.  

We finished the year with another whole school project focusing on our environment, including single use plastics and deforestation.  You may have noticed that some jellyfish landed in our hall in July!  A truly magnificent piece of installation art!


Singapore Bar Method

As you may know, we have introduced the Singapore Bar Method as a pictorial strategy to mathematical problem solving.  Please take a look at our helpful video below to support your child.  We hope you find it useful!  

Academic Year 2019 - 2020

What an exciting year of learning we have planned!  We are starting this term off with a great whole school project based around the painting 'The Fighting Temeraire'.  Look out for lots of nautical learning and of course, trips out and about! 



For more information about the curriculum at Alderwood, please see curriculum maps below or pop into the school office to collect a copy, email using the following address or use the contact form here.