Core Priorities for Improvement 2021 - 2022

To continue to develop outstanding subject leadership across all areas of our school, to secure the very best outcomes for our children through a purposefully sequenced and interconnected curriculum.
To further develop an embedded culture of research driven professional conversations in order for all members of SLT to precisely read, evaluate and continually improve our school.
Teachers continue to use High Quality First Teaching strategies confidently, so all children including those from disadvantaged backgrounds, know more and remember more.
To embed the use of the Statutory Baseline and the new EYFS Framework to streamline assessment and progress, and further develop the EYFS curriculum, within early language and vocabulary acquisition and number.
To continue to close the disadvantage gap through the systematic teaching of key knowledge in Reading, Writing, Phonics & Maths, with particular focus in Reception and Year 1.
To nurture and further develop our community, understanding how our beliefs, core values and curriculum underpin our children's sense of themselves within the wider world which supports their ability to succeed, with particular consideration given to the protected characteristics pertinent to our school.