Christmas Events 2017

Christmas at Alderwood 2017

Event Date & Time Location Parents Welcome?

Christmas comes to Alderwood

1st Dec at 8.30am Playground Yes
APA's Non-school Uniform Day 1st Dec School No - Please provide chocolate 
Carol-a-thon 5th Dec at 12.00 Passey Place Yes
APA's Christmas Fayre 8th Dec at 3.15pm Hall Yes
Church Celebration  12th Dec at 10am Holy Trinity Church Yes
KS 1 and Rec Nativity   13th Dec at 10am & 2pm Hall Yes
FS 1 Christmas Songs 15th Dec at 10am Nursery Yes
Class Parties 18th Dec at 2pm Classrooms No
Christmas Dinner 19th Dec at 12.15 Hall No