Core Priorities for Improvement 2016-17

Revise and embed the teaching of PHSCE so that key values, learning dispositions and behaviour for learning permeate all areas of school life and equip all children to become highly successful learners and confident young citizens.
Embed robust assessment procedures for Reading, Writing and Maths for each year group so that all learning is precisely targeted and learning gaps are closed, especially for boys, and includes urgent action to support pupils to build on their learning and are better able to demonstrate their abilities in the KS 2 statutory assessment tests, under test conditions.
Ensure that Quality First Teaching principles, scaffolding and precisely targeted interventions rapidly close learning gaps for all groups and support pupils to work independently, ensuring that at least 65% of children reach the combined national expectation with at least 20% exceeding this.
Embed high quality EYFS provision, securing an accelerated start so that, regardless of starting points, child initiated and adult led directed learning leads to outstanding progress and learning for all children.
Revise the teaching of phonics and early writing, ensuring that staff subject knowledge enables the provision of purposeful opportunities for application of key skills across the curriculum.
Revise and embed Alderwood’s curriculum, ensuring that subject leaders play a key role resulting in learning opportunities that are engaging, innovative and relevant and enable the application of key skills across the curriculum.
Develop links with the community which foster parents’ understanding of how their children learn and supports raised aspirations for all pupils.